Rent A Car

The Residency Hotel operates one of the superlative leading economies and luxury “Rent a Car” service providing business and leisure trip for our guests with wide range of services at our bay whenever they’d please. Our hotel endeavor to provide convenience throughout your trip exploring each nook and cranny that this historic city beholds. With our uniformed chauffeur, his pleasant appearance and informed personality is inevitable poseur apiece in itself as his first priority would always be to deliver client satisfaction with quality trip whether the visit is protracted or excursion. One can visit anytime whenever or wherever you enroute on a specific place , chauffeur would be more than willing to disclose you to places and what lies within while driving in inn’s lavish car. With highest levels of service, there has never been a better reason to travel with us. Furthermore, we deliver quality rental car service at lucrative rates whether you schedule a couple of meetings, visiting the city or to shop around the malls… we are in for each service till the time you reach our sophisticated domestic ambiance. Cars are conventionally parked in Residency’s parking lot. For best get away and check outs, all clients need to do is make a reservation a day before or at the horizon of dawn. The Residency hotel caters to the discerning few where first class service is norm rather than an exception.

We make sure everything we do is through lens of hospitality- from our commitment to the highest end quality in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

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