The Residency Hotel

The Residency Hotel lies in the heart of Lahore, offering a supreme level of service and personal attention. An escape from the busy streets of the city, it offers a warm welcome to all who pass through the door. The Residency Hotel is introspective and intimate, and invites you to experience the true welcome of Lahore. The architecture and interior fuses the blueprints, colors and spirit of Lahore with contemporary design. Perfectly balanced and intriguing in every area, the Residency hotel is calming to the soul and delights all those who stay here.
We take pride in being the number one choice for a multitude of multinational companies, premier business brands, major banks as well as renowned international organizational bodies. With full access to our state of the art gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and spa, the Residency Hotel is ideal for a meeting point, an intimate escape, an adventure, and a luxury destination where everybody receives a warm welcome.

Courteous Treatment Every Time

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